Rehab Integrated in Sports Education

It’s time to bridge the gap between healthcare and performance.

R.I.S.E. equips clinics with the tools to increase revenue, advance skills in athlete injury management, and improve the satisfaction of both clients and staff.

 Learn how to monetize an underserved patient population in your clinic.

Traditional clinics often don’t appeal to athletes.

Learn how to attract high performance athletes and treat them with success.

Fitness focused Physical Therapy clinics struggle to grow their revenue and bring in new clients

New active adult clients can be difficult to attract as a niche clinic. Work with experienced instructors to build the knowledge and confidence you need.

Clinicians and their staff often lack the proper work-life balance they need.

Learn how to train and retain staff members by giving them more of the patients they want to treat.

Grow your clinic by 50% in the next 12 months.

Give your staff the training they need to appeal to active adults through our RISE Masterclass

An educated, experienced, happy staff is the key to growing your clinic and attracting, treating, and training athletes.

Get step-by-step mentorship, education, and templates to ensure your success in marketing and growing your business

Marketing is one of the most important tools for your clinic’s success. Our 12 week Master Class will help you build the key skills to grow your business.


Learn proven systems to streamline your days, reduce employee stress, and have a happier, healthier clinic for your employees

Efficiency allows for more room for growth and satisfaction in your clinic. You may eliminate issues you didn’t even know were there!

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